foto: © Paul van Hoof


The Adriatic marbled bush-cricket Zeuneriana marmorata, an endangered species on the European red list. 

More than 1000 Orthoptera on IUCN global red list

8 December 2016 • Roy Kleukers

The IUCN Red List has recently been updated and now more than 1000 Orthoptera species are included in the global red list. These come mostly from the recent activities for…

DNA barcoding central European Orthoptera

8 December 2016 • Roy Kleukers

An international research team has barcoded a substantial part of the central European grasshoppers. In total 127 of the 162 taxa occuring in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were analysed, and…

New iRecordapp grasshoppers

28 October 2016 • Baudewijn Odé

The iRecord Grasshoppers app for iOS and Android has recently been updated. Not only is it possible to search for information and pictures of all Orthoptera of Britain and Ireland…

Barnabás Nagy honoured at 95th birthday

23 September 2016 • Gergely Szövényi and Gellért Puskás

Dr. Barnabás Nagy, leading Hungarian orthopterist recently celebrated his 95th birthday. He was officially greeted in 16 September 2016 by the Hungarian Entomological Society, the Zoological Section of the Hungarian…

Rhacocleis andikithirensis, male

New from Greece: Rhacocleis andikithirensis

22 July 2016 • Roy Kleukers

On the islet of Andikithira a new species of the genus Rhacocleis was discovered: R. andikithirensis . Later it was discovered on other islands in western Cyclades. The morphology and…