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Wood-Cricket Nemobius sylvestris

Photo: Roy Kleukers

Changes in Bradyporus

Roy Kleukers - 15 July 2017
Male cercus of Bradyporus species / Photo: Mustafa Ünal

Recently the genus Bradyporus has been revised. This genus holds 16 species and subspecies and is especially rich in Turkey. But the study also leads to a few changes for the European fauna. Bradyporus multituberculatus multituberculatus and Bradyporus multituberculatus montandoni are placed as subspecies and Bradyporus skopjensis is reinstated as a valid species. The IUCN Red List status of the species and subspecies are included.


Ünal, M. 2017. Revision of the genus Bradyporus Charpentier, 1825 (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Bradyporinae). Zootaxa 4272 (4): 491-528.