Grasshoppers of Europe

Black-spotted Toothed Grasshopper Stenobothrus nigromaculatus

Photo: Pavel Marhoul

Dociostaurus hispanicus and Euryparyphes terrulentus new to Portugal

Roy Kleukers - 25 September 2017
Study area / Photo: Pina et al. 2017

In 2014 and 2015 the Orthoptera fauna of the Castro Verde Special Protection Area was investigated. This yielded 35 species, among which two species new to Portugal: Dociostaurus hispanicus and Euryparyphes terrulentus. Furthermore Platystolus martinezii was found for the second time, after the first record a 100 years ago.


Pina, S., S. Vasconcelos, L. Reino, J. Santana, P. Beja, J.S. Sánchez-Oliver, I. Catry, F. Moreira & S. Ferreira 2017. The Orthoptera of Castro Verde Special Protection Area (Southern Portugal): new data and conservation value. ZooKeys 691: 19-48. Open access at