Grasshoppers of Europe

Red-legged grasshopper Chorthippus binotatus

Photo: Roy Kleukers

Four new species to Moldova

Roy Kleukers - 23 May 2014
Isophya kraussi moldavica. Photo Ionut Iorgu.

An extensive study of the Orthoptera fauna of surroundings the Prut River, forming the border between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. It proves to be a very grasshopper rich area, with many rare and even endemic taxa. No less than four taxa are recorded for the first time for the Republic of Moldova: Barbitistes constrictus, Poecilimon fussii, Metrioptera roeselii fedtschenkoi and Pholidoptera frivaldskyi .

Source: Iorgu, I.S., E.I. Iorgu & N. Stahi 2013. The Orthoptera (Insecta) from Middle and Lower Prut River Basin. Travaux du Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle “Grigore Antipa” 56 (2): 157-171.