Grasshoppers of Europe

Canarian Crested Grasshopper Dericorys lobata

Photo: José Correas

Groundhopper news from Croatia and Serbia

Roy Kleukers - 28 August 2014
Holotype of Tetrix transsylvanica hypsocorypha. 

In this review of Tetrigidae from Croatia much new information is given. The first records of Tetrix undulata for Croatia and Serbia are presented and the first records of Tetrix tuerki and Tetrix transsylvanica for Croatia. The genus Uvarovitettix is synonymised with the genus Tetrix and Tetrix transsylvanica hypsocorypha is described. The genus Depressotetrix is synonymised with Tetrix


Source J. Skejo, F. Rebina, F.M. Buzzetti, S. Ivkovic, A. Rasic & N. Tvrtkovic 2014. First records of Croatian and Serbian Tetrigidae (Orthoptera: Caelifera) with description of a new subspecies of Tetrix transsylvanica (Bazyluk & Kis, 1960). Zootaxa 3856 (3): 419–432.

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