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Wood-Cricket Nemobius sylvestris

Photo: Roy Kleukers

Gryllomorpha miramae in Romania

Roy Kleukers - 6 March 2019
Gryllomorpha miramae, female / Photo: Ionut Iorgu

In 2018 a population of Gryllomorpha miramae was discovered in a quarry near Credința village in Constanța county (Romania). This is the first record for this species in Romania, and in fact the first representative of this genus in this country.


Iorgu, I.S., D. Chobanov, M. Skolka, R. Zaharia & E.I. Iorgu 2019. The first record of genus Gryllomorpha Fieber in Romania (Orthoptera: Gryllidae: Gryllomorphinae). Zootaxa 4543: 581-583.