Grasshoppers of Europe

Basque Wide-winged Bush-Cricket Zeuneriana abbreviata

Photo: Miguel Ángel Domingo

New field guide central Europe

Roy Kleukers - 1 December 2016

In 2016 a new field guide for Central Europe has been published. The geographical scope is Germany and Nordtirol, which covers a large part of Central and Northern Europe. The important characters are indicated with arrows and text directly in the photos.


Fischer, J., D. Steinlechner, A. Zehm, D. Poniatowksi, T. Fartmann, A. Beckmann & C. Stettmer 2016. Die Heuschrecken Deutschlands und Nordtirols. Quelle & Meyer Verlag GmbH & co., Wiebelsheim. 368 p. ISBN 978-3-494-01670-2. 24,95 euro.