Grasshoppers of Europe

Dented groundhopper Tetrix depressa

Photo: Ruben Foquet

New French AudioCD Bushcrickets

Baudewijn Odé - 1 June 2012

Recently, a new audio CD of Fernand Deroussen with 55 French species of bushcrickets (Ensifera, superfamily Tettigonioidea) has been published.
It contains a collection of high quality sound recordings, all recorded in nature. Nearly all species are represented by more than one recording, showing natural variation in the song. A booklet in French describes the recordings.
Completeness has not been the aim of the publication, as not all singing bushcrickets from France (more than 75 in total) are presented. Especially species with a weak or ultrasonic song have been left out of this collection, e.g. genera like Leptophyes, Anonconotus and Cyrtaspis. But also species like Gampsocleis glabra and Isophya pyrenea are missing. Yet, the quality of the recordings makes this CD very worthwhile.

A planned next CD will comprise field grasshoppers, crickets and mole crickets of France.

F. Deroussen & Naturophonia, 2012. Chants des Sauterelles de France. Nashvert / Naturophonia production
More information and order: Price: € 17,- (postage excluded)