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Splendid Bush-Cricket Andreiniimon nuptialis

Photo: Matjaž Bedjanič

Rediscovery Rammeihippus dinaricus

Roy Kleukers - 28 June 2013

In 2012 Rammeihippus dinaricus was found on Dinara mountain in Croatia. The species was known only from the type-series from Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1936. In 2012 only one specimen was found and in the near future more investigations will be needed to clarify the status of the population.

Source: Skejo, J. & F. Rebrina 2013. Rammeihippus dinaricus (Götz, 1970) (Orthoptera: Acrididae) - A new genus and species for the orthopteran fauna of Croatia and the first record of the species since description. Natura Croatica 22: 37-43.