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Wood-Cricket Nemobius sylvestris

Photo: Roy Kleukers

Revision of the Iberian Sphingonotus

Roy Kleukers - 29 April 2013
Male of the newly described Sphingonotus almeriense.

Sphingonotus is one of the most difficult groups of the European Orthoptera fauna. This review of the Iberian species is a very valuable step towards resolving the taxonomical problems. About 1000 specimens were studied, taking into account morphology as well as DNA. Two species are described as new: Sphingonotus almeriense and Sphingonotus nodulosus . A well illustrated identification key and distribution maps for all 11 species are provided.


Source: M. Huseman, D. Llucià-Pomares & A. Hochkirch 2013. A review of the Iberian Sphingonotini with description of two novel species (Orthoptera: Acrididae: Oedipodinae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 168: 29-60. 

This paper, and others by Axel Hochkirch can be downloaded from